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Hey there! How cool is this that you’ve found me? Well, I’m glad you did, and welcome to my blog!

I’m originally Canadian, but I’ve been living abroad since ’96, which crazily enough, is getting close to nearly half of my life. (It blows my mind that it’s been over 20 years now!!)

I lived in Tokyo for the first six of those years, which was an amazing experience! I definitely caught the travel bug while there, and I was lucky enough to travel all over South East Asia, as well as throughout Japan. It’s also where I met my boys’ dad and got married the first time around…

We moved to his hometown of London in late 2001, and ended up living there for almost three years, followed by a move to NYC when I was pregnant with my oldest son in 2004.

After living in the Big Apple for about 18 months, we moved out to Northern NJ to live the suburban American dream, which is where we ended up living for the next 11 years. In that time, I had another son, went back to school, became a holistic nutritionist and Pilates teacher, got separated, got a divorce, raised my boys as a single mom and dated for a few years, and then, happily, met my current husband.

Truth be told, I had missed traveling for quite some time, and we wanted to experience a different life, not only for ourselves, but for my boys, so with my ex’s blessing, we decided to take a giant leap of faith by moving to Costa Rica back in August 2017. We started a small business here, and it’s been an adventure to say the least! One full of challenges and heartbreak, but ultimately also great joy.

So here I am…starting a blog…

To document it all, the journey, the expat life, the challenges we face, and also to talk about the ways that I’m working as a digital nomad and fully remote freelancer, and what exactly that entails!

So buckle up, and enjoy the ride with me, peeps!


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